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How to login

The site footer and header have links for logging in and logging out. These links are sensitive to your log in state; if you are logged in, you'll only see the logout link and vice versa.  Admins may see additional links.

When you log in, its simplest to use the same method each time.  If you've always logged in w/ Facebook or Twitter the system hasn't issued you an email password, so logging in (or attempting to create a new account) w/ your email will not work. 

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How to change club name and subtitles

  • Under website, select the Site settings tab.
  • There, you will be able to insert your club’s name, keeping in mind that the search results may vary – you are encouraged to keep all names the same for CAA congruity standards.
  • The “Headline” name is the one which will appear at the top of your live website.
    • The Subheadline is available for a motto/slogan/catchphrase that you want associated with your club. This is optional. If you do choose to have a subheadline, we encourage you to keep it short and direct.
      • Eg. “Sing Lion Sing!” for the Columbia Alumni Singers’ site.


How to change club theme

This tutorial shows you how to switch your theme.  There are two official CAA themes.  Please do not choose a theme outside of these CAA offerings.  The classical theme format rotates photos on the homepage but keeps the prose beneath the photos static.  The modern theme also allows the photos to shuffle but shows the headlines and some copy from your top three blog posts that appear in your News section. 

  • Under website, choose your club’s page.
  • Select the tab titled theme.
  • Choose Switch To A Custom Theme
  • Please choose between CAA Classical and CAA Modern as the two available themes for your site.
  • The Modern theme will take your most recent blog posts (news) and events and post them to the home page. The Classical theme contains a static message.


How to change club background

  • Under website, choose your club’s page, then site settings and background image.
  • Click to remove the current image, choose, and upload your own high-quality image.
  • Please note that you should use images without a lot of central focus, since the side portion will be all that is seen behind the content.


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