May 05, 2024

Spring Awakening 2023

The Spring Awakening 2023 event at Chelsea's Corner in the heart of Dallas was a delightful celebration that brought together Columbia alumni from all corners of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Held at the vibrant gastropub known for its upscale dishes, creative cocktails, and inviting patios, the evening was a testament to camaraderie, networking, and the spirit of the season. Leonard Critcher, our esteemed guest speaker and author, regaled attendees with insights into the rich history of DFW, highlighting unique destinations and historical spots, while graciously offering autographed copies of his book, "Welcome to the Metroplex".

Guests embarked on a culinary journey through Chelsea's Corner's exquisite menu offerings, featuring upscale dishes and weekend specials that tantalized the taste buds. Expert mixologists crafted creative cocktails, perfectly complementing the lively atmosphere and adding to the overall ambiance of the evening.

Set against the backdrop of two charming patios, alumni reconnected with old friends, forged new connections, and embraced the essence of Spring in style. Laughter and engaging conversation filled the air as guests shared cherished memories, exchanged stories, and reveled in the company of fellow Columbia alumni.

The event garnered resounding acclaim, with attendees departing with cherished memories of an evening spent in good company, relishing delectable fare and libations, and basking in the joys of Spring at Chelsea's Corner.




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