November 06, 2017

Collene Goldman

Columbia University Graduate School of Business
MDPE (Masters Degree Program for Executives) 1976 – 1978
MBA, Marketing 1978

I’m “retired” and really not sure what that means I’m supposed to do. I still ride a horse like I stole it and talk to my dog who is with me 24/7. 

I do my best to mentor and support young people who want to start and grow their businesses or become medical doctors. I’m also involved in inspiring others to participate in our government because, as Thomas Jefferson said, “We in America do not have government by the majority – we have government by the majority who participate.”

I chose Columbia because of the faculty, curriculum and access to the best and brightest business minds in NYC. What I didn’t expect were the opportunities to work with and learn from my extraordinary classmates, who also became close friends. At the time that we were students we were balancing our “day jobs” with the demands of Columbia’s Graduate Business School. My extraordinary classmates held positions including the President of Iran Airlines in Tehran, the Minister of Defense in Ghana, one of the two producers of Woodstock and a former Catholic nun. Despite the rigorous academic program, we had a lot of fun…a LOT of fun.

Every day I think about how grateful I am for having the option and ability to give back some of what I have been fortunate enough to have earned throughout my career. I doubt that much of this would have been possible without my experience at Columbia. It changed my life. 

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